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“Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great.”Abdul Kalam.
Each one of us has a spark in side us. It is through our intellect, ingenuity and imagination; we should try to bring it out.In earlier days choice of a career was made by parents or family tradition was followed. But today the scenario is totally changed, due to variety of courses available at graduate and postgraduate levels. A wrong choice of career made in adolescent years can lead to professional dissatisfaction & frustration later on. It is equal responsibility of school and parents to explore the talent of child, what he really loves to do & guide him/her about the future career choices. The team of staff members at SAN Jain Model Sr. Sec School under the guidance of worthy management unfolds the child’s talent & nurture him with knowledge, skill, positive mental attitude, creative vision, imagination, hard work, faith, accurate thinking, self discipline and values all that are essential for productive & successful life. We recognize that these goals are best achieved & school provides an environment from the primary stages of life to their final years at school leading to academic excellence & making them a complete grown personality having a balance of physical, emotional, social & spiritual values.

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