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Vallabh Public School (VPS) aims at producing not only best scholars but also true human beings. The school aims at balanced development of the mind and the body. Extra curricular activities will be organized in a healthy atmosphere. The aim of the School is teach students to become self confident and self reliant. Further aim is to encourage to snatch the best weapon of education from the armouny of their teachers.
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Objectives: Facilities:  
  • Safe and stimulating environment
  • To encourage and inspire the children to achieve excellence in all fileds of life.
  • To promote a sense of discipline, resposibility and self reliance among the students.
  • Physical, emotional, moral, intellectual and social well being and overall development of the children.
  • To inculcate self confidence and postive attitude aming the children.
  • Facilities for creativity, play and imagination.
  • Well trained, experienced and highlyqualified teachers.
  • Well-equipped activity room.
  • Modernized computer lab.
  • Dinning room
  • Sports facilities with beautiful lwans and swing.
  • Accidental Insurance
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