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“Excellence can be obtained if you……
Care more than others think is wise
Dream more than others think is practical
Work more than others think is feasible
And have an indomitable determination to excel
Let excellence become synonymous with you.”
We the team at VALLABH PUBLIC SCHOOL are blessed by the almighty to be a part of the great mission of educating the children and empowering them to explore individual talents by deploying globally contemporary pedagological tools and best practices. We try to make our students become the useful members of world community and thus create a BETTER WORLD.

The school campus life is becoming more enriching as we constantly review our school programmes and start new ones to address the needs of our students to prepare them for the demands of the rapidly changing society and equip them with the essential skills needed for their future education and life.

For this the students must have gone through tough times with hectic schedule but always remember “tough times never last but tough people do.” Their intelligent efforts, toil and dedication with perseverance and patience have borne fruits in the form of their success. Their is no substitute to hard work when one desires success. Their unrelenting efforts with “never- say- die- spirit” should be their key to success. Never give up for it is always better to hope than to despair.

Mrs. Nishu Jain

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